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Care Assistants

Our Care Assistants are at the forefront of our service delivery, so we understand the importance of offering regular, quality placements to ensure that our Care Assistants are happy in the work that they do.

We have a wide variety of Care Assistant jobs to offer; Our clients include some of the biggest care home groups in the UK as well as the NHS, supported living units, private hospitals and hospices and care teams within our client's own homes.

With an increasing focus on domiciliary care, mental health and learning disabilities, there is something for everyone whether you are looking for occasional shifts to boost your income, specifically want a residential placement or simply a full time position with the flexibility that care agency work brings.

What you need to work as a Care Assistant for Advantage Healthcare:

DBS Check

When you register to work for Advantage Healthcare you will be asked to complete a DBS check. This is compulsory for all applicants.


We ask you to provide two professional references from your last place of work as a Carer or Support Worker for a period of 3 months or more. These references must be from your line manager, supervisor or managers that are able to comment on your clinical skills or caring ability.

The benefits of working as a Care Assistant for Advantage Healthcare

Working with Care Assistants and Support Workers every day, we understand the impact you have on the individual lives of each service user. It is for this reason that we have designed our benefits package to reward and encourage the highest quality candidates. View our candidate benefits.

Getting you out to work

In line with CQC (Care Quality Commission) guidelines, every care recruitment or domiciliary care agency must complete a personal file checklist for each of their Care Assistants to ensure that you are compliant to work with elderly and vulnerable people. As soon as you have had your interview and your file is completed, we will get you out to work.

Coming from overseas?

We are unable to offer candidates work permits, therefore if you are coming from overseas you must either have an EU or UK passport or hold one of the visas listed here. If you are eligible to work and coming to the UK for the first time, check out our tips for working and living in the UK.

We hope this provides you with as much information as you need to join us, however if you have any questions contact the recruitment team on 0800 032 33 55.